Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Amidst all the latest rounds of violence in Israel & Palestine, there's actually a new stab at peace that may be supported by both sides, and it comes from a most seemingly unlikely source: Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi plan has the usual land-for-peace provisions (Israel's land in exchange for Palestinian's peace), but also adds a vitally important element that's been missing for 55 years: Broad Arab recognition of Israel's legitimacy as a state.

The land asked for is more than Israel's been traditionally willing to discuss (back to pre-1967 borders), but many within Israel are thinking it may be worth it.

Arafat, of course, is delighted with the plan. Cynics will say that the Saudi's are doing this as a PR move to regain the good graces of the US after 9/11 (many of the hijackers were Saudi nationals, even if they were "working for Al Quida"), but so what? If they want to do something nice to apologize, that's okay with me.

Will this pan out? Could it work? Nobody knows, but it will be very interesting to see - and we can all hope.

Israeli Defense Chief Hails Saudi Plan - Yahoo! News

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