Saturday, February 02, 2002

Last night was certainly a new and different experience! I haven't filled you all in on the last few visits to the acupuncturist, but I've got to make a note of this one.

Previously, he's done traditional acupuncture all up and down my back, on my legs and feet, my hands, stomach, and various spots all over my head. He's also done some acupressure on my back and neck areas.

Last night, we did electro-acupuncture! It's pretty much like the traditional, but then he clips on these little wires to the needles, turns on the power, and well, it's just a sensation that you've got to experience to believe. It's not like being electrocuted, it's just that the needles pulse gently giving a kind of massage effect.

I found the experience extremely relaxing (I was sound asleep and snoring away at one or two points), but I'm still not sure of the lasting medical benefits of acupuncture beyond "relaxation must be good for you."

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