Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Somebody Likes Me & The Lord Likes Visa

Well, I may never make WIRED magazine's list of the most influential bloggers, but Pam Ashlund of Boxter Heaven, the Nonprofit Eye, and others has called me her favorite blogger and written a very nice review of my various sites, including an incriminating link to a parody of a Prius jingle I wrote last summer. Thanks Pam! (And, yes, I'm a fan of her blogs too).

Are you tired of having to bring cash with you to church for the collection plate every Sunday? Well, a new company called SecureGive wants to change all that.

The idea started with Pastor Marty Baker of the Stevens Creek Community Church in Martinez, Georgia. A while back he installed A.T.M.s, or "automatic tithe machines," in the lobby of his church. "It's more than an A.T.M. for Jesus," says Baker. "It's about erasing barriers."

Erasing barriers and building funds, that is. Since the machines went in, donations have gone up 18%, with an average credit card gift of $100.

The machines are building funds for Baker and his wife, as well. They've started the SecureGive company to install the machines in churches nationwide - for $2-5,000 a pop, plus the monthly maintenance fees, of course.

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