Sunday, June 17, 2007

The YouTube-CNN Debates

Here's a great way to use Web 2.0 to encourage democracy:
This summer and fall, YouTube, CNN and a few engaged and engaging citizens will make political history by having the presidential candidates answer questions submitted via YouTube videos.
Anderson Cooper will host the debates, by choosing the questions from among the videos submitted. The videos will be played for the candidates to answer. The first debate, with the Democratic hopefuls, will be held on July 23. The Republican YouTube-CNN debate is scheduled for September.

Here's the question I've submitted for the July 23 debate:
Some background San Jose Statistics:
  • population 900,000; 10th largest city in U.S.
  • "Capitol of Silicon Valley"
  • "Safest large city in America"
  • CA minimum wage = $7.50/hour; about $1,100/month after taxes
  • median apartment rental = $1,125/month
  • median home value = $400,000
  • incidence of overcrowding in greater than 18% of households
  • # of households with 7 or more persons grew 150% in 20 years
You can view more of the submitted questions at

Stats from Census 2000, City of San Jose

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