Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More polling shenanigans

Back a week or so I blogged about how Gallup and USA Today buried a poll showing Senator Obama pulling ahead of Senator Clinton in the Democratic primaries.

Now ABC News has gotten into the poll fixing act, this time to hide the fact that some people actually like Dennis Kucinich and what he has to say. Mother Jones reports that ABC's web poll on "who won the last debate" suddenly vanished from the front page of their site when Kucinich took the lead. A new poll replaced it, but it too was yanked when Kucinich tied with Clinton.

ABC is not only trying to bury the fact that Kucinich did well in the debate; they're trying to hide that he took part in it at all. They cut him out of a group photo of all the candidates posted on their web site.

ABC has not responded yet to how these "mistakes" could have accidentally happened. It's just another example of the mainstream media making corrections when the voters rudely get in the way of democracy in action.

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