Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Do you Twitter?

Okay, now I've got yet another way to waste time online. This time it's Tom's fault. I've known about this Twitter thing for several months now, but never saw much reason to get into it, but Tom swears I need to play with it and I'll be fascinated, so here I go....

Twitter, if you don't already know, is sort of a mini-blog, but not really. In fact, it's anything but that. Each time you twitter, it's a short blast of text, 140 character maximum, telling where you are, what you're doing, or what you're thinking at any given moment. And people are hooked.

In the right-hand margin of this blog you'll see my latest twitters there between the Google search form and the "Recent Posts/Archives" listings. Or, if you're reading this in RSS, you can find my twitters at, and, if you care to, you can "follow me" by subscribing to that feed.

For those with mobile web devices, or who are into text messaging on their phones, they can twitter away the hours wherever they are, posting their own little blasts of information, or following their friends. For the old folks in the room (me) who still only use their cell phones for, well, phone calls, there are still multiple options.

Besides the Twitter website itself, you can also plug Twitter into your Facebook profile and twitter from there. Or, plug your favorite feeds into the RSS reader and stalk, er, follow your friends there. Or... it seems there are new Twitter applications being written and released every 45 minutes.

But still... Does anybody really care if I've got to go out and buy cat food now?


  1. Instead of twittering, how about paying some of the real writers that you steal your material from? How many writers is it that you've stolen from now? I know of at least four.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Please back up your accusations. I have never stolen from any other writers. When my blogs include quotes it always clearly marked and with a link, if available.

  3. They were backed up by Elance when you were banned for fraud and theft of services. I've been collecting quite the file on you. And thanks for visiting my blog just now- that was nice of you.

  4. I have never been on Elance, therefore, I've never been banned from there or any other web site.

    What is your blog? Please leave your name and/or your blog address so that I can know who I am talking with. I'm tiring of this anonymous crap.


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