Friday, February 01, 2008

MoveOn for Obama! & Coulter for Clinton?!, the online activist organization that was founded to rally public support for Bill Clinton during the sex and cigars scandal and resulting impeachment, today endorsed Senator Barack Obama for president.

The endorsement was made following a vote of their 3.2 million members (well, okay, the ones who received the email asking for their opinion and then actually clicked the link and took the time to vote in the primary).

When I received MoveOn's email I did click through to vote for Senator Obama, but I wasn't convinced that he would win. After all, MoveOn was created to support the Clintons, no matter what, and has often seemed (in my opinion) to be not much more than Clinton apologists. But even MoveOn has moved on.

Obama won the online voting by 70.4% to Clinton's 29.6%. But that's not the most astounding endorsement of the last twenty-four hours...

Conservative Pundit Queen, Ann Coulter, has weighed in on a potential Hillary Clinton versus John McCain match-up in the general election, and said that she'd vote for Clinton over McCain.

According to Coulter, Clinton is more conservative, smarter, and lies less than McCain. She went on to say that McCain would leave Iraq to Al Queda, while Clinton would keep us there for as long as it takes.

And you know, she might be right, and that's the scariest part of it all.

(As for me, if the nominees wind up being Clinton and McCain, I'll be interested to see what Michael "I'm not running" Bloomberg does.)

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