Thursday, June 05, 2008

Universal Health Care

Here's my second political collaboration video with my conservative friend, PappyStu. The topic today is Universal Health Care, and whether or not the U.S. needs some form of reform to provide health care for all.

As with my previous collaboration with PappyStu, the point of these videos isn't to reach consensus; it's just to begin a civil conversation on issues that are important in our national life.

I'm the guy on the left, politically speaking.

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  1. The only reason conservatives can get away with calling the idea of Universal Health Care "Socialism" is because there were no Americans enlightened enough to engrain the ideas of free health care into our heads during the founding of the nation. If they had, this wouldn’t even be an issue because the idea would be just a part of the way we did things. The idea of universal health care is no more "Socialism" than free public (and compulsory) education.


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