Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't Cry for He, Argentina

Over the last twenty-four hours I've posted variations of the following in comments on various other blogs, vlogs, and emails, so I suppose I may as well put my feelings on Governor Mark Sanford (R, South Carolina) in my own blog as well...

#1 - I don't care about the affair - That's between him, his wife, his large-breasted girlfriend (did you read those emails!?!), and her husband (unclear right now whether or not she's still married). An affair just makes him human and flawed, and who am I to pass judgment.

#2 - That he skipped out of town for a quickie on the weekend of father's day is what makes him a class one SOB in my book. I pity his poor kids and the years of therapy they'll be facing as a result of this public humiliation.

Summary so far: Dump your wife? Fine. Dump your kids? Screw you. But...

#3 - What makes this whole thing a public affair, and what makes Sanford unfit for public office, is his skipping out on his elected duties as governor. His staff couldn't reach him, the Lt. Governor didn't know he was in charge... What if there were an emergency? A train wreck, plane crash, flash flood, terrorist act, Columbine style massacre, etc., etc. Shit does, in fact, happen. Even in South Carolina.

Yes, Chief Executives deserve vacation days. But there's a proper way to do it that allows the State to continue to function under its Constitution. He walked away from those duties and the Constitution; he should be removed from office.

And to those who question whether or not my outrage is partisan in nature, I'll remind you of this: When Clinton was under investigation what I said then was that an extra-curricular blow job was not an impeachable offense, but lying about it under oath was.

BTW: Mark Sanford thought that the blow job was the impeachable offense.

I'm very tolerant about perversions - I'm not very sympathetic to hypocrites.

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