Monday, April 30, 2001

I think I'll now make it official that I am ending my monthly column on Suite101 as of today - There will be no May column.

First, the idea of doing a column on electoral politics, particularly third party electoral politics, in the months following an election year doesn't really bring the masses to ones door. Nobody cares, and I'm not so sure I do either. That's the main thing.

Also, after being burned by Themestream ($500+) and TheVines ($30+), I'd rather bail on Suite101 while I'm still ahead (almost, they owe me for April's column, but they've got a couple of weeks to not be dead beats).

From now on, all new original online content goes directly to my home site. Only exceptions must involve cash up front.

And that goes for eThis! too. I truly doubt there'll be another issue of that ill-fated project. (But go ahead and read the archives of the three surviving issues).

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