Saturday, March 09, 2002

It's really too bad about yellow. Yellow gets such a bad rap - it's weak, it's cowardly, it's got no substance - that I think it's time we take a moment and look at yellow's positive side.

Most important (for writers) is that yellow makes a darn fine color for highlighting text when proofing or researching. Sure, some folks swear by the pink or light blue, but nothing beats yellow for sheer clarity (and if you Xerox the highlighted paper, the copy comes out clean, too).

And let's not forget the life-giving qualities of our yellow sun, without which life would cease to exist. I'd say that the sun certainly plays against yellow's typical character.

And then there's my favorite yellow. Not as bright as the others, but truly delicious: the banana. Perfect by itself, or sliced into a bowl of raisin bran. Nutritious and colorful, I think I'll have one right now.

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