Wednesday, March 27, 2002

One of our local government officials has apparently gotten himself into trouble by saying that graffiti "tagging" can sometimes be art. What an idiot.

Not that I don't agree with him. I've occasionally seen some tagging that impressed me from an artistic point of view. It's just that that's besides the point. I like Picasso, but I don't want anybody putting Guernica on the side of my car without my permission.

Whether it's defending graffiti, or persecuting Robert Mapelthorpe, I just don't want any politicians deciding what is or isn't "art."

The correct answer for that local idiot, or any other public official who gets suckered into this debate, is, "It's not a question of art. It's a question of law. Defacing somebody else's property is a crime, regardless of its merits."

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