Tuesday, December 24, 2002

The Author Before Christmas
By Ken Goldstein

‘Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the hovel
Not a creature was stirring, or writing their novel
The web site statistics were checked with great care
In the hope that more book sales were already there
“Now, Books-A-Million! Now, BN! Amazon!”
And all of the sites that I’m listed upon

Then up from the parking lot, there came such a noise
I logged off the ‘net to yell at those boys
There, at the window, to have me a look
I saw fifty strangers, and each with my book!
They waited in line, without any whining
So I grabbed my pen and went down for a signing

I swear, fellow authors, it can happen to you
A Christmas miracle! And me, I’m a Jew!
The readers are there, if just for the asking
Let’s pick up our pens and start multi-tasking
Now, I toast you with wine, and eggnog, and ales
“Happy holidays, all, and to all, many sales!”

(c) 2002, K.R. Goldstein – www.kengoldstein.net

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