Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Not content to simply read about terrorism? Want to make a career in fighting it? Take a look at this from today's spam:
Click here to take part in the first Homeland Security program of its kind. A unique blend of comprehensive security and safety training.

Now more than ever, we need patriots in every town and city across America, trained to recognize threats to our country. NIT will give you the training you need to build a career as a Homeland Security Specialist.

Skills you will learn:
  • Threat analysis of domestic and international terrorism
  • Surveillance techniques
  • Theft, sabotage and espionage investigation
  • Intelligence gathering
  • First responder training
Financial aid for those who qualify…Day and evening programs...Job placement assistance

Last night I saw an commercial for this same scam while watching TV. In that ad, this guy comes on the screen and introduces himself as "the Director of Homeland Security" before going into the line about needing "patriots in every town and city across America."

Now, I'm sure what he meant to say is that he's the Director of the "Homeland Security" program at this school, but what it sounded like is that he's the guy who's been appointed by President Shrub to head the new federal Department of Homeland Security. But, I'm sure he didn't mean to mislead anybody. After all, he's a Patriot!

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