Sunday, January 12, 2003

And what a week it was! This first week back at work from vacation was a killer (including going in early and staying late almost every day, as well as going in on Saturday - And I'm still not quite caught up).

How is that possible? I was only gone for a week. And a week with a major holiday in the middle of it? Everybody comes back from New Year's and wants to get their entire 2003 agenda completed before the 17th of January - And they all need me in on the meeting.

This coming week isn't going to be any better and, in fact, may actually be busier. I'm wondering at what point in 2003 will I get to work on any of the things that are on my personal agenda?

The trip east was great for firing my imagination, and I came home with plenty of interesting story ideas, but I've not yet had a chance to get any of them down in even the most basic notational form. I need to get to them before I lose them.

And so, maybe I'll try to get to them right now, while I have a few minutes to myself... Happy freaking new year...

Oh, and by the way, since most of my readers are also writers, here's a link to a contest on a friend's web site: Slice of Life - check the link for the details - win a Story Spinner!

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