Monday, February 10, 2003

Does this look like a mid-life crisis to you? Friday evening I shaved my head. Not quite all the way down to the bone, but just leaving about a quarter inch all around. Also, to be precise, I didn't shave it; I actually paid a barber to do the deed.

It's the shortest haircut I've ever had. Even when I was a baby, my parents never cut it this short. The last time my hair was this length was when I was a few months old and it was still just coming in. That would place just a little before the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Sunday before that I had gotten my usual hair cut. The same one I've asked for each time I've entered a barbershop for the last thirty years. Yes, the last time I had a major change in hair style the details of Watergate were just beginning to come to light. That was when I went from bangs to a part.

Sunday's hair cut looked like crap - as that hair cut usually does. All week long I practiced saying, "I'm going to shave my head this weekend." Even so, when the electric razor took off that first strip of hair, I momentarily panicked (they really should have you sign a release before they begin an operation like that).

But I quickly recovered, and decided to enjoy making the change. The barber was reassuring, saying, "You've got a good head for this; nice and round without a lot of scars. I can tell that your father didn't hit you over the head with a baseball bat much when you were a kid."

Leslie's taking some getting used to it, but agrees that it's good (and yes, I had her buy-in and permission before I went to do it). It went over well at work today, too. The only potential negative reaction was from my brother, Miles, who, when he saw me, said, "Did you get your hair cut, or did you just start chemotherapy?"

It was quite liberating, actually; an incredible feeling of freedom. I could do anything, once I crossed that line to shaving my head. Maybe get a tattoo, maybe get an ear pierced... Leslie said to give her a week to think about it, but I think I'm going to do one ear. Not that I want to wear anything gaudy or flashy; just a nice little black pearl for accent.

Did I say this might be a mid-life crisis thing yet or not?

Meanwhile, other good news from over the weekend: The Dell Dude got busted for pot. Hopefully that will lead to his commercials being pulled off the air. "Dude, we're going to jail!"

Now I've got to go turn on the TV. Tonight's the final episode of Joe Millionaire...

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