Friday, July 18, 2003

Is the end in sight? Is it possible we might get rid of Bush Jr. even before next year's elections? Will he go down in defeat in 2004 because of his lies? If he's re-elected, will the whole thing blow wide open and lead to his impeachment in 2005?

Mark Morford's column (SF Chronicle) takes a wonderfully sarcastic look at the situation in Nothing Left To Lie About: With BushCo reaming the nation on just about every possible front, is implosion imminent?. Morford includes an excellent list of the lies that may prove to be impeachable offenses.

And, just in case you think it's only us Bay Area leftist wackos who are thinking impeachment, here's a more mainstream (and less sarcastic) source: Democratic presidential candidate Bob Graham says that leading the nation to war under false pretenses is an impeachable offence.

Ready to get in on the act yourself? Vote to impeach online.

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