Sunday, February 22, 2004

It's official, Ralph Nader has announced his independent candidacy for President. An announcement that will be met with more groans than cheers, I'm afraid, this year.

He will not be running again as a Green, so Greens will be mad at him for trying to siphon off their supporters. Democrats are still unfairly scapegoating him for their 2000 loss, and so will be mad at him. And, with such a late start as an independent, he'll have a heck of a time just qualifying for the ballot in most states, shutting him out of many independent supporters.

(BTW, if you still think Nader cost Gore the election, you need to read this).

I have voted for Nader in the past, in post primary and general elections, but will likely not be supporting him this year. I am a registered Green, and will probably vote for Peter Camejo in the March 2 primary, but my November vote is still up for grabs. I honestly hope that I'll be able to support the Democratic ticket and help push Bush out of office, but they'll have to work to hold my support.

One good thing about not being registered as a Democrat at this time is that I can be happy for John Kerry's apparent ascension without having to go through the embarrassment of voting for Dennis Kucinich first.

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