Monday, February 09, 2004

So you thought we were done talking about California's gubernatorial recall election? You thought the hundreds of candidates had all magically vanished and that their newfound excitement about politics wouldn't bubble up from time to time? Well, my friend, you thought wrong.

Several of the would-be has-beens are in upcoming primary races for everything from State Assembly to U.S. Congress. San Jose's Jon Zellhoefer (126th place) is running for state Senate. Los Angeles' Heather Peters (116th place) is making a bid for state Assembly. Fresno's Gino Martorana (108th place) is aiming for a seat in Congress. And the ever-cute George Russell (35th place) is pondering a bid for Mountain View City Council (if she doesn't decide to re-locate to go for her MBA).

With a look ahead at the race for President, and the choices we're likely to have, it's nice to look at this as a reason to be hopeful about politics and our citizenry. Anytime people are energized to speak up, step up, and do what they can to make a positive difference in our community, it's a good thing. Good luck to them all.

Recall candidates rekindle dreams (Mercury News)

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