Monday, September 20, 2004

CBS says, "OOOPS!"

Look out now for the media feeding frenzy now that CBS news has made an official statement saying they were misled about the authenticity of memos regarding W's National Guard service. Dan Rather's apology will be used to discredit the entire story, which is actually a shame.

Yes, some of the documents were shown to be fakes. But, the bigger issue is whether or not young W received assistance avoiding the draft with a guard post, and whether or not he managed to shirk some of his duties once in the guard. Nobody is disputing those assertions; only the method used to prove them.

To me, the most interesting interview was with General Killian's secretary. She said that the she thought the documents were fakes, but that whoever created them had access to Killian and knew his opinion of W. She verified the information contained in the memos, even while disputing their authenticity.

Okay, CBS was duped. But not by Democratic operatives making up lies. They were duped by somebody close to the President who wanted the true information leaked, but wanted to maintain their own secrecy. This is bigger than a faked memo; this is somebody high up who is scared of his own boss.

And, by the way, it does matter.

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