Sunday, January 02, 2005

As of the time you're reading this page, here is the current U.S. population:

Current US Population

When I started writing this post, that figure was 295,170,451. At that same time, the National Debt was $$7,495,347,487,140.25 - or about $$25,394.30 for each man, woman, and child of us to pay off. Under President Bush II, the debt is currently rising by an average of about $1.77 billion per day, and is about $2,000,000,000,000 higher than when W took office.

In Fiscal Year 2004, you paid $1,089.47 in interest on that debt. (Or, if you're the sole bread winner in your household, multiply that figure by the number of people you support).

Sources: Bureau of the Public Debt - United We Stand America's Debt Clock - Ed Hall's U.S. National Debt Clock

By the way; I started this post with a glimpse of the rising U.S. population, then led into the rising debt. In case you're wondering, the debt is rising faster than the population. In other words; those new kids aren't going to help reduce your share of the debt. At least at the pace we're spending now, everybody's share is rising; both yours and those new babies'.

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