Monday, January 17, 2005

You may have noticed that I'm trying to ignore the "big event" that will be happening this week in Washington, D.C. This is necessary to maintain my sanity and a safe blood pressure.

It's okay - I've been keeping busy preparing for a big event myself: Casino Night '05 - our big annual fund raiser for the EHC LifeBuilders Singles' Division. This (and some other stuff) is keeping at the office late most days this month, and that saves me from the headlines surrounding the second inaugural for Dubya.

The other big event around here is more personal: Leslie and I have adopted an eight-year-old kitty named George. He's the big, fuzzy love and I've already posted some pictures of him. The name, just in case you're wondering, has nothing to do with the occupant of the White House. He's been George for eight years, and it would be cruel to change it now.

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