Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hey, kids - I've discovered a great new source of obscene video clips on the web! Wondering where to find scenes of "gratuitous teen sex" or necrophilia? Follow me over to the Parents Television Council.

Yeah, that's right, the very same Parents Television Council that's responsible for turning Janet Jackson's tit into a rallying cry to turn our country back over to G-d. These uptight, pro-censorship, so-called "guardians" of the airwaves have a page on their site called "Worst of the Week Clips Gallery" where you can find all sorts of offensive materials.

You don't have to actually watch TV to be offended and complain to the FCC - All you have to do is check the web site of your favorite pressure group, and they'll show you the clips and give you the link to complain direct to the FCC, all without the bother of watching the programs.

Complaining about what other people are watching on TV and providing a download of the sexiest clips on a web site accessible by children - Am I the only one who finds these things offensive? Am I the only one who sees all sorts of hypocrisy and a bit of creeping fascism in all this?

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