Friday, February 04, 2005

Just in case you needed more proof that the current administration has no sense of morality and is leading this nation directly into Hell, here's a collection of current headlines:

* Rumsfeld actually felt a twinge of conscience and tried to resign twice when the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal broke, but was refused by the Commander in Chief. (ABC News)

* Meanwhile, the legal mind responsible for defending the use of torture and called the Geneva Conventions "quaint" is our new Attorney General. (SF Chronicle)

* Of course, all this has nothing to do with a General making a speech in San Diego in which he says it's "a lot of fun to shoot people." (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette)

* It's not all bad, of course: New Secretary of State Condi Rice says attacking Iran is not currently on the agenda, and she's never lied to us before. (Reuters)

Should I be allowed to point out the idiocy being committed on my behalf by my government?

* A survey of 100,000 High School kids says, "No!" The First amendment goes too far. (Chicago Sun Times)

Note to self: Remember to buy more whisky today. (BevMo)

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