Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Just when I get to thinking that I can't possibly get any more cynical, somebody goes and proves me wrong...

Background: From time to time I get fed up with the bureaucracy, low wages, and lack of benefits or security in the nonprofit field and I start brainstorming business ideas that will make me filthy rich. The business criteria, of course, still include some sort of social consciousness; some way of doing good by doing the right thing.

So, last week the process went something like this: What's the most profitable way to make money online? Pornography! So, in my cynical state of mind I conceived of a web site that would combine public service messages with smut. Picture a screen with choices like "Click here to feed hungry children - Or click here to continue on to horny red-headed sluts."

A joke, right? Cynical, right?

Apparently not cynical or ridiculous enough.

Fuck for Forest (.com) has taken my idea, added to it, implemented it, and created the worlds first "Eco Porn" site. Nubile young models are photographed doing what comes naturally out in nature. If you don't mind a little message with your porn, this could be the site you've been waiting for. Of course, it is a membership site, but 100% of your membership fee goes to save the forests. I have not (yet) paid to enter the site.

Now, the question: Did I miss out on a good idea? Or are they sicker than I am? I'm not quite sure yet.

Curious, but don't feel like clicking on a porn link? Read about "F* for Forest" in the SF Chronicle.

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