Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Not to beat a dead horse but...

Those who say that there's a one in a million chance that the exit polls could have been so far off last November are wrong. According to a group of statisticians, the odds were actually one in 959,000.

Yes, the analysis points to corruption (big freaking surprise).

The statistical analysis "shows that the discrepancy between polls and results was especially high in precincts that voted for Bush -- as high as a 10 percent difference."

The official excuse from the polling companies was that Bush voters were more shy about filling out exit polls in precincts with more Kerry voters. But, if that' true, "then the precincts with large Bush votes should be more accurate, not less accurate as the data indicate."

The report concludes: "All voting equipment technologies except paper ballots were associated with large unexplained exit poll discrepancies all favoring the same party, (which) certainly warrants further inquiry."

Why beat a dead horse? Why not get over this and move on? Because the rest of the world is watching. You know - the folks all over the planet that we're trying to convince to try it our way. What credibility do we have, for example, talking to the Egyptians about Democracy when the person doing the speaking is regarded as having stolen an election?

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