Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Kansas' "BTK" killer, Dennis Rader, confessed to his crimes last week in matter-of-fact testimony that I'm sure you've all read or heard by now. Today, his house was auctioned off, and was purchased by a local bar owner for $90,000 - far more than the assessed value of $57,000.

Some read this story as shocking because of who lived in the house. They're sickened by the idea of buying a part of this type of history. They're even more disgusted at the idea of living in the former house of a mass murderer.

I was shocked when I read this too, but for different reasons. Living, as I do, in California's Silicon Valley, my reaction is, "A three bedroom house for $90,000! And that's over the assessed value? Maybe I should move to Kansas?!" Hell, for a $90,000 home I'd let a mass murderer stay in the extra bedroom.

"Kan. Club Owner Buys BTK Killer's House" - Washington Post

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