Saturday, July 30, 2005

An odd and slightly disturbing little "trick" my 11 year old nephew showed me last night was how to fold a $20 bill so that it shows a picture of the twin towers burning on 9/11. The trick also works with a $10 bill, but with not as accurate a depiction, and to lesser extent with a $5 (*see conspiracy theory below for explanation).

Before taking the time to scan a bill to show here, I figured if I googled "20 dollar bill twin towers burning" I'd find somebody who's already done the scan. Here's what I found:

The full illustrated instructions on how to fold a bill into this sick picture can be found at It turns out that if we'd looked at the front of the bill, we'd have also seen the Pentagon burning on 9/11 too.

Now, if simple instructions to a parlor trick are not enough for you, and you want the full conspiracy theory of why the image is there (there are no coincidences, only conspiracies with clues that only the highly intelligent can decipher), the site you want is On this site I learned that the old-style $20 bill had a picture of the Oklahoma City Federal Building on fire. Coincidence? These guys think not...

So, why do the twin towers images on the $10 and $5 not look as clear as the one on the $20? Because you must put them into sequence: The $20 bill represents impact, the $10 is burning, and the $5 is the remains.

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