Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Gee Dub, Yeah, Blues
© 2005 by K.R. Goldstein

Well, I woke up this morning
Feeling kind of strange
My country looked the same
But the nation somehow changed
I went to see my doctor
And I asked him what to do
He said my constitution’s sufferin’
From a case of gee dub blues

Oh, yeah, I’ve got them gee dub blues
Every time I hear the news
Another case of gee dub blues

I went back to my apartment
And found ten police inside
All my books and records open
And into my files they’d pried
They asked all sorts of questions
And I suggested they were rude
He said, “We’re just investigatin’
“A new case of gee dub blues,” oh, yeah... (chorus)

Born too late
For social security
Paid all my life
But there’ll be none left for me
Oh, why must it be my fate
To retire in 2028?

Well, I thought I’d see my brother
So I went to catch a flight
At the gate they lined us up
To the left and to the right
They pulled me out for extra searchin’
And I asked them how they choosed
He said, “You like you been sufferin’
“From a case of gee dub blues,” oh, yeah... (chorus)

I wound up in a courtroom
Where I thought I’d get my say
But by eminent domain
They paved through that right today
So I walked up to the judge man
And I asked for his excuse
He said free speech been quarantined
Through this case of gee dub blues, oh, yeah... (chorus)

And even though they’ve banned the news
I still get them gee dub blues

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