Monday, November 14, 2005

It's music and art time today at Ken's blog...

On the music front, I've recorded the classic "Ring of Fire" in honor of the new Johnny Cash bio-movie. I've actually always wanted to record this, and figured I'd better get it out before the film, rather than appear to be doing it just to jump on the bandwagon after the film.

Ring of Fire was written by Johnny's wife, June Carter, and her writing partner, Merle Kilgore, about falling in love with Cash while both were married to others, and Johnny had a drug problem. Years later they were each single, and Johnny was clean, and they finally wed. They were together 35 years until her death in 2002.

(You can also access my other recordings, if you dare.)

On the art front, my cousin, Rick Lipson, finally has a web page up of his recent paintings. While my "music" is just a hobby and a bit of a joke, Rick's art is quite serious and quite good. Check out his work at Rick is also scheduled to be the featured artist next month on

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  1. your cousin Rick Lipson, is my uncle...just thought id say something because i happened to come across your site eand noticed that...kinda funny. By the way Im Hannah Lipson.


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