Sunday, November 06, 2005

Yesterday, Leslie and I spent part of our day making phone calls asking people to vote No on propositions 74, 75, & 76; Governor Schwarteneger's attack on teachers, nurses, and firefighters. Leslie is one of the union reps for her school this year, so I accompanied her to make the calls (mouth healing nicely now).

Most of the people we reached were very polite and agreed to support us in defeating the Governor's agenda, a few disagreed, but were still polite about it. Only a handful of rude people, which was a very positive sign. Unfortunately, though, the largest group of numbers were no good; either disconnected or just wrong numbers.

Anyway, here are my recommendations for Tuesday's Special Election in California:
  • 73 - Abortion; parental notification & waiting - NO
  • 74 - Teachers; waiting period for permanent status - NO
  • 75 - Public Employee Unions; Cut 'em off at the balls - NO
  • 76 - State School Spending; Roll back previous guarantees - NO
  • 77 - Redistricting; Judges panel does it immediately - NO
  • 78 - Prescription Drugs; Industry's voluntary plan - NO
  • 79 - Prescription Drugs; Mandatory reform - YES
  • 80 - Electricity Providers; Re-regulate - YES

For me, the only tough decision in the batch was proposition 77, the redistricting. It's obvious that legislators drawing their own districts is flawed. That's been known for 200+ years. But I don't like this particular approach, the implementation (do it now, based on the 2000 census), or, frankly, the messenger. As part of Arnold's agenda, I just don't trust it or him.

As to the confusion between propositions 78 and 79, I side with the consumers for real reform. If the drug industry was willing to voluntarily discount drugs (as 78 calls for) they could do it now, without this phony attempt at reform. The drug companies, however, are spending a fortune to confuse the public as to which proposition is the real deal.

After the calling, and dinner, we went to see Capote, produced by and starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. Great movie. Fascinating and terrifying in an understated, get under your skin, and absorbing manner.

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