Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fixing the World - One Question at a Time

Have you heard about Dropping Knowledge yet? The organizers are calling it a "global initiative to turn apathy into activity," which sound like a pretty good idea to me.

Not that I think the majority of people are apathetic. I've said before, and I'll say again, that I think the real problem is disconnect between those who hold the reigns of power and the masses who they should be representing. People aren't apathetic, they've simply been made to feel that their voice carries no weight.

And that's where Dropping Knowledge might be able to help. The are doing it by
collecting questions from the global public that challenge conventional thinking, inspire conversation and encourage further inquiry. For the Table of Free Voices event in Berlin on September 9, 2006, dropping knowledge will bring together 112 inspiring individuals to drop their knowledge at 100 of these questions; the answers will be filmed, generating some 600 hours of footage. The "ask yourself" campaign, Table of Free Voices and other dk activities exemplify the practice of asking and answering questions. Together, these activities pave the way for participation in the Living Library.
Some of those terms ("table of free voices," "Living Library") may be a little odd, but I think any kind of conversation like this has potential for pulling people together.

Visit the Dropping Knowledge web site to ask your question, or vote on the priority of the questions that are already posted.

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