Friday, January 19, 2007

McCain was for independence before he was against it

For somebody who hoped to build his presidential campaign on his credentials as a maverick, independent, credible straight-talker, John McCain seems to have bought himself a new, industrial strength, waffle iron.

In the last year or so, McCain has reversed positions on more than a dozen issues, including the landmark campaign reform and lobbying legislation that bears his name.
Asked to explain the complete reversal, McCain's spokesperson said the senator changed his mind after receiving "feedback" from conservative groups, which, coincidentally, just happen to be some of the same far-right activist organizations McCain hopes to impress for his presidential campaign.
Among his changes in attitude are his positions on abortion, tax cuts for the wealthy, Jerry Falwell, Henry Kissinger, the use of torture, ethanol, campaign finance and lobbyist reform, and flying the Confederate flag (check the full list).

"Republicans... don’t trust him, independents... are disappointed..., and Democrats [have] grown disgusted." Sounds like he's well on his way to the White House!

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  1. McCain has got big issues, among them not really looking all that well and his reputation for having periodic meltdowns and a white hot temper. He seems to me to be the Republican equivalent of the Bob Dole candidacy in 1996: an old, flawed, weak candidate who happens to be the next in line and was loyal the last time around. Not sure if you've seen this swift-boat type attack video on McCain that was recently released or not, I've got it up on my blog:


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