Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chavez, the Decider

In a stunning move, the Venezuelan Congress has moved to grant President Hugo Chavez nearly unlimited power to rule by decree. According to congressional Vice-President Roberto Hernandez:
"We in the National Assembly will not waver in granting President Chavez an enabling law so he can quickly and urgently set up the framework for resolving the grave problems we have."
First of all, how can any elected leader lay claim to that kind of power. And secondly, how could a democratically elected body such as a Congress willingly give up its power to such a controlling ruler?

I mean, really. That's not what modern nations do. That's not how civilized people behave. That's not what you'd ever see happen here in the...

Oh... Never mind.

In other news, all your innermost thoughts must now be approved a presidential appointee.

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