Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm not worthy! ~ Ken, the BBQ Star

About a month or so back I was contacted by the Cattlemen's BBQ Sauce people (well, actually a person from their PR company) about a video I'd posted on YouTube with a BBQ recipe: Chocolate Coffee Steaks. She said they were launching a new web site for Cattlemen's, and they wanted to include some videos.

Although my recipe was for a dry rub, I do keep two flavors of Cattlemen's in the house for serving on the side, or for use as an ingredient in my own sauces, so I agreed and gave permission for them to use my video. Then I forgot about it.

Today I got an email from Lisa (PR lady) saying the site had launched at - I was quite surprised to find my coffee-chocolate dry rub recipe video as the third item listed on the home page under "Featured Recipes."

I've been even more surprised (pleasantly) as I've looked over the other Featured Recipes and found that most of the others are from guys with real BBQ credentials; either a professional grilling site of their own or a rack of awards from BBQ competitions. And then there's my amateur content which I shot with the camera in one hand and a spatula (or a beer) in the other.

Very silly, and a lot of fun. And, no, I'm not getting paid by Cattlemen's, although I'm kind of hoping to find a coupon in my mailbox next week.

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