Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's time for a new blidget

What's a "blidget"? It's a widget to syndicate a blog. Huh?

Basically, if you've got a blog, and you'd like to allow other web sites, blogs, profiles (MySpace, FaceBook, etc.) to embed your blog, a blog widget is an easy way to do it. Using the tools found at, creating the initial widget was very quick and easy. Creating a Facebook application out of the initial widget was a little more complex and time consuming, but the instructions offered by widgetbox got me through that as well.

Here's what my two main blogs look like when widgetized:

(Note: If you'd like to use either of these blog widgets on your page, just click the "Get Widget" button at the bottom of each one.)

I've also just started a new blog specifically for my video making over at, but I haven't widgetized that yet.

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  1. “Widget” is Elmer Fudds girlfriend... you know, the one who surfs. When she went dyed her hair blonde, people started calling “blidget.”


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