Thursday, November 08, 2007

News Flash! Congress Still Has Power!

For the first time since G.W. Bush assumed the presidency (actually, for the first time since 1998), Congress has actually voted to over-ride a Presidential veto!

It wasn't anything dramatic, like ending a needless and illegal war, or providing health care to un-insured children, but it's a significant step never-the-less. The bill was the $23 billion water resources bill that Bush claimed was "filled with unnecessary projects."

"Unnecessary projects" like restoration efforts for a few communities that have been hit by hurricanes and building dams and sewage treatment facilities. You know, nothing that we need or rely on or anything.

Considering it's now been a full year since the public showed their dissatisfaction with the Bush administration by electing a new, Democratic controlled, Congress, it's about time they stood up to the President and did the right thing, despite his protests.

Has democracy returned to the land? Can we expect Congress to move on other issues where the public and the president are at odds?

Don't hold your breath. Unless you can figure out how to put $23 billion of local construction contracts into a bill to end the war, you'll never get enough Reps and Senators to sign on.

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