Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Establishment Strikes Back

Much is being made of Senator Clinton's "big comeback" to win yesterday's New Hampshire Democratic primary, more so, it seems, than even John McCain's victory on the Republican side.

McCain, who only did slightly better in Iowa than I did (joke: I didn't enter the Iowa Republican race) came in five points ahead of his nearest competitor in New Hampshire (37% to 32%), whereas Clinton came in only two points above Obama (39% to 37%) in a race that was considered "too close to call" for much of the night.

How is it that the two-year front-runner and presumed nominee barely squeezing by the presumed upstart is considered any sort of victory? Only when reported on by media hacks who've been Hilary's darlings since the evening before day one.

(And I mean "hack" with all due love and respect. My wife and I watched the coverage on MSNBC, and I truly enjoy Olbermann, Matthews, and Elder Brokaw, but come on guys...)

Meanwhile, Senator Obama used his airtime last night to give not only the most gracious of concession speeches to Senator Clinton, but one of the finest political speeches I've heard in many, many years.

Here it is (and, Yes, We Can):

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