Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowa and Glassbooth

I'm very pleased with the results from Iowa last night, from each of the major parties. What I saw was a victory of democracy and the people over the arrogance of entrenched powers and those at the heads of the parties (and the media) who think they can tell us what to think and who to vote for.

If Obama and Huckabee actually hold their leads and become their party's nominees, we could actually have an election on substance and direction, rather than the usual crap. And by the usual crap, what I mean is this:

We have typically faced a choice between two rubber-stamp candidates that are groomed to appeal to the middle of the road, and have very little political space between them. In order to attempt to draw distinctions, they must result to mud-slinging and focus on personal issues that have nothing to do with the business of the nation.

With Obama and Huckabee, we have two candidates who, agree with them or disagree with them, actually each seem genuine and open and willing to have a conversation at a lower-than-usual decibel level. There are clear and great differences between them when it comes to policy and direction, and the election would actually be able to focus on those real issues that are important to each of us and our future.

But, the establishment still has another 49 primaries to fight back and install their candidates at the top of each ticket, so don't start celebrating yet.

And who should you vote for when the party comes to your town? Glassbooth (dot-org) has a two-part test to help find your ideal candidate. Part one has you divide up 20 points among the issues that matter to you most. Part two is a more typical "Strongly Support / Support / Neutral Oppose / Strongly Oppose" romp through policies based on the same issues areas. Answer them all, and you get your results of which candidates agree with you.

Here's my (partial) results:
  • Kucinich: 94%
  • Gravel: 88%
  • Edwards: 80%
  • Obama: 80%
  • Clinton: 73%
  • Paul 48%
  • McCain: 45%
  • Huckabee: 34%
  • Giuliani: 34%
  • Romney: 31%
I guess there's no real surprises there.

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