Friday, July 26, 2002

A friend passed on a very interesting market to submit stories to; Story House Coffee. From their web site:
"Coffee that makes you go 'hm.' Every bean has a story. And we travel the world, looking for the right ones. Small estate growers. Organics. Beans you won't find on your own. And we won't roast 'till we ship. (Or you can order them raw, and roast them yourself.) But here's the kicker: our labels are as good as our coffees. Stories, poems, art and non-fiction. A lot of folks love what they read as much as what they brew. Tasty stuff, all around."
Each can holds about 1,000 words. Longer stories or essays can be serialized onto two or more cans. It's certainly a different venue to try to write for. I'm going to think about this a bit and see if I can come up with something appropriate to send them.

Meanwhile, this has got to hurt!

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