Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Last week, the San Jose Mercury News ran an article called "Green maverick possible spoiler to Davis' bid" about Green Gubernatorial candidate Peter Miguel Camejo. The Merc, while complimentary of Camejo, took the usual point-of-view that the best a Green candidate can do is spoil the chances of the Democrat winning. The assumption being that liberals and progressives who would vote for Camejo would actually be harming their own cause by forcing the election of the Republican.

I, of course, was not happy about that. I don't believe progressives should automatically line up behind anybody bearing the Democrat banner, regardless of their record. In the case of Gray Davis, we've got a do-nothing Governor (when we're lucky - Lord help us when he actually does anything) who's sold out every key constituency that brought him to power.

Today's Merc has an article called "Permit OK'd after donation to Davis" which outlines how the Tosco refinery had tried, unsuccessfully, to fight pollution rules in the Bay Area for seven years. Then, days after giving Governor Davis $70,000, they finally got their exemption. What a friggin' coincidence!

So, tell me, oh great Mercury News, who is the spoiler? The candidate that stands behind his principles and offers voters a legitimate alternative or the candidate who sells the right to poison Californians in exchange for enlarging his campaign war chest?

I'd suggest California voters check out
Peter Miguel Camejo for the health of their future.

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