Saturday, July 13, 2002

I came up with what I think is a great opening line for a story yesterday, on the way home from work. The problem is, I just don't know if anybody else will think it's as good as I think it is. Well, here we go...
"The problem with opening sentences is that they've got to grab you in a way that this one never could."
Will only writers get it? Will they think it's too self-conscious and hate whatever story comes after it? I'm going to have to think this over for a bit before going too far... although I see that the story has to take place in writing workshop... and not from the point-of-view of the teacher, as these things usually are, but from a student...

Meanwhile, I'm hoping to finish up the draft of a different story this weekend, "The Forgotten Key." It's for a contest sponsored by a writers club I recently joined. It's the "Adult Creative Writing Club", but despite the "Adult" in their name, it's not for writing erotica - it's just to keep out annoying kids.

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