Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Last week I posted the article about a lawyer who was thrown out of an Albany, New York, shopping mall for wearing an anti-war message on his t-shirt. The offending saying on the shirt? "Give peace a chance."

This week it's a high school student in Massachusetts who's getting hassled. Luckily, the principle relented after checking with his lawyers (smart lawyers, for a change), so the kid didn't miss any school. Still, the thought that there'd be any question of this being a free speech issue is amazing. The kid's offending t-shirt? "Who would Jesus bomb?"

Principal Asks Student to Hide Anti-War Shirt - Yahoo! News

The big lie here is that all Americans are 100% behind the president and this misguided war effort. Even when polls in favor of the war run high, the figures are only 55%. And the 45% of us who are opposed are being robbed of our voice, and our right to speak out.

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