Monday, October 27, 2003

You may remember a horrifying case about two years ago in Texas, where a woman hit a man with her car, lodging him (still alive) in her windshield. Rather than drive directly to a hospital to get him some help, she drove home, parked the car in her garage, and let him die a slow, painful death, while she ignored his pleas for help.

Well, here's the happy ending:

The victim's son - who has publicly forgiven the killer - was just awarded a $10,000 scholarship to finish college. The scholarship fund is just for the families of murder victims, with the money being raised by... murderers on death row.

The inmates, with help from the Catholic church's peace and justice committee and Amnesty International USA, publish a bi-monthly magazine called Compassion. The proceeds from the magazine go into the scholarship fund.

Read the SF Chronicle story about this case

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