Wednesday, November 05, 2003

When is a lobbyist not a lobbyist? When is somebody who by definition represents a special interest not representing that special interest? When they're giving their money to hang out with somebody who "can't be bought" - that's when.

An invitation has gone out to Sacramento's lobbyists asking them to pay up to $21,200 to hob-nob with the new Governor at his first big fund-raiser as a professional politician, just two weeks after he's scheduled to take the oath of office. Yep; gotta get the cash while he's still popular. Can't let the PR go cold when there's money to be raised.

Californians, who thought they elected a political outsider who didn't need anybody else's money, reacted with a resounding, "Hey, did you see 'Eight Simple Rules' last night?"

(Outrage is nice and okay for some people, but the recall election is so, I don't know, it's like -- it's so October).

Schwarzenegger plans fund-raising event (

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