Saturday, November 01, 2003

Halloween was pretty slow around here; only a handful of kids made it out in the rain, light as it was. The last group to come by lucked out, as rather than just giving them two or three chocolate bars each I just let them reach into the bowl and pull out handfuls of goodies.

Now it's a beautiful morning, with the sun cutting through the early morning fog and drying the leaves. I know I'm supposed to be feeling different or sad today -- feeling "unemployed" -- but I'm fine. It's a fresh day and I'm looking forward to getting out in it.

My staff took me to a nice long expensive lunch yesterday in downtown San Jose, and we said our goodbyes. It was sad, but I'll be seeing them all again soon. It's a new chapter, and although I'm nervous about how it will turn out, I'm sure it will be for the better.

Yesterday I was another worker being laid off. Today I'm an independent author and consultant. It feels good.

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