Friday, December 31, 2004

This photo shows the Banda Aceh shore before and after last week's earthquake and tsunami:

Banda Aceh shore before and after flood

In many ways - loss of life, number of countries involved, physical damage to the environment - this will likely be the worst natural disaster of this or the last century. But you've heard and seen all that before now.

This short message is your reminder that you have till midnight tonight to get in one more tax deduction for 2004. If you're thinking about helping out in this situation, but haven't yet, do it today!

The American Red Cross Emergency Response Fund got my donation, but there are many other organizations across the country and the globe that are helping as well. Google has a list of relief organizations accepting online donations, as well as links to the latest news about the unfolding disaster.

After September 11 the world reached out to the American people. Much of that goodwill was lost due the actions of our "leaders." Now is the time to show the world, once again, that the American people are far more generous and caring than our government demonstates. Click one of the links above and help begin the healing.

And a very happy, healthy new year to all of you.

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