Thursday, December 30, 2004

Is it wrong to share emails other people send me? I'm going to have to say it isn't. I'll stand by the principle that if it was sent to me, it's my property. Okay, that's settled. Now...

You may recall back about a month I wrote about a woman sending me links for my blog, she had meant to send to somebody else. Well, she's back.

Here's her latest email to me:

On Mon, 27 Dec 2004 22:00:45 -0500, R******* wrote:
> I am having a pretty nice time here, I have gone from Isla Mujeres down to Tulum, about 2 hours south, though the weather's been crap today and yesterday. There's a yoga retreat down here (too expensive to stay at) but I went to class there today and sat on the beach and made some sandcastles with a really annoying kid from Westchester....
> Tomorrow it is onto Palenque and Guatemala!
> Ole!!!
> Really want to see you when I get back! I miss seeing you...
> Love and hugs!
> R*****

And, my response to her:

Dear R*****,

I really enjoyed hearing from you again, and reading about your journey. So much so that I hate to have to tell you that I have no idea who you are.

When you first wrote to me with a couple of links you suggested for my blog, I thought you knew who I was, and I gladly passed the links along online. But I couldn't understand what you meant by "friend of the donk." I figured, one of my readers is well-meaning, but a bit deranged. No matter; the links were amusing and I used them.

Then about the third one it finally hit me: you've got the wrong blogging Ken Goldstein. I checked with our good friend, Google, and came up with this -

Who you want: k*****@*****.com;

Me: k*****@*****.com;

Close. The mistake is really quite understandable. I even wrote about it in my blog. For some reason, however, I couldn't bring myself to tell you. I found it interesting, bizarre, and kind of fun to get these emails intended for the other Ken Goldstein.

I was wrong. I am sorry. Did I ever tell you that R***** is one of my favorite names? Of course I didn't. I'm truly sorry.


- Ken

P.S. I hope you'll still write to me.

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