Saturday, December 04, 2004

Warning: Frank Sexual Content Ahead

A story which has come up from time to time, and was in the news again over the last week or so, is pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control based on religious objections.

Personally, I think that's ridiculous, but as long as there are other stores where people can choose to purchase their birth control, my first instinct is to respect their right to not be involved.

So, I try to ignore the story and not get too upset over it (there are many more important things to be upset about). And then one of these morons says something so outrageous that it just requires further comment.

It's not enough that they feel that sex should only be for procreation - their loss, not mine. No, then this fool has to go on TV and add that "birth control is a form of murder."

"A form of murder"???!!?! Oh, come on! If you say that life begins at conception, we can discuss that. But if preventing conception is murder, then when does this clown think that life actually begins? Does life begin with an erection? Does it begin with, "Hi, do you come here often?"

Is pulling out before ejaculation murder to this guy? What about abstaining? If you really want to have intercourse, but one partner says "no", is that murder too?

Taking this jerk's theory to it's logical extreme, then just about every girl I dated in High School is a murderer.

What is this sicko's view of women in general? If a woman doesn't have a child every nine months from puberty to menopause, is she a mass murderer? Is that all he thinks women can do?

Once again proving the old line that "not having sex is sickest perversion of them all."

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