Monday, August 15, 2005

Baby's got something deadly in her diaper, and that ain't no shit!

In more than a dozen documented cases, over-zealous airport screeners have singled out infants under the age of two for extra security measures and prevented them from boarding flights. Why? Because their names were on the official "no fly" list, created to combat terrorism.

Babies on the no-fly list? Well, obviously, their names were just the same as or similar to names of individuals on the list. TSA guidelines specify not to stop anybody under 12 because of similarity to names on the list, but at just about every major airport in the U.S. screeners are doing just that.

Do you feel safer yet? I know I do. I hate the smell of poo on planes.

Babies caught up in 'no-fly' confusion S.J. Mercury News

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